We are going through a difficult time as Health Care Professionals. 

Feel free to use this form to sumbmit either anonymous or public testomines about what it means to you, to be a Health Care Profesional, and how these trying times effect you.

NOTES: If you wish to be anonymous please remember to be more vage in your descriptions.

Describe your HCP Designation if you hold Certs/Diplomas/Endorsement.
Describe why you entered the field of a Health Care Professional. Include such things as personal life events, motivations and goals for helping other people etc. What makes you passionate about doing this job of serving others?
Describe what your profession teaches about respecting patient wishes, that do not match with either your personal views, or prudent medical choices, and how you handle these situations.
Previously you described your professions ethics, as pertaining to how you treat patients who don't want medical treatment, describe if, and if not how these same ethics are being violated against you as an individual.
Describe the impacts of how forced/coerced/bullied vaccinations makes you feel. How choosing to or not get it will impact your life, your job status, your income, mental health. Also how co-workers. managers, and public now see you.
Any addition comments about things not already covered.
Select how you would like this shared with others.