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Recently it had been announced that a 14 year old had tragically died from covid-19. After the family had heard about this, they went public informing the Alberta public that they young family member actually had stage-4 brain cancer.

"I first want to apologize to the family of the 14-year-old whose death I spoke about on Tuesday..."

For further reading the following CBC - Website news article has more details on this developing story. 

Wednesday, 13 October 2021 19:05

Personal Testimonials - Collection - October 13

For the last couple of weeks this website has been taking people personal testimonials about how mandates are effecting them. 

We asked the following questions. 

*Health Care Professional Designation
*Years of Education
*Years of Service
*What lead you to choose this career?
*What does your profession teach about patient-professional relations?
*Are the ethical standards you provide to others, provided to you?
*Describe the impact of forced/coerced/bullied vaccinations has on you.
*Anything else not covered that you would like to add.

This was compiled excluding the 100% private ones. All names regardless of wish for public or private discloser have been removed.

This Document was submitted to the webmasters local MLA in person 13-October-2021. This MLA was quite surprised to receive it, but also grateful, he plans to submit it to the Minster of Health tomorrow. 

We are still wanting more Health Care Professionals to add their stories. Please add your testimonials here

File Attachment - abhcp-testimonials-oct-13.pdf

Today the National Post is reporting today that leaked documents has reviled that Wuhan and US scientist where planning to design a entirely new covid virus. As reported the closest naturally occurring coronavirus is one from Laos, but with only a ~96% of a genetic match.  It is believed that a closest ancestor should have upwards of 99% or higher match.

For further reading head on over to  The National Posts - Article

Sunday, 03 October 2021 18:03


As part of this site we have had people submit personal testimonies about how mandatory vaccination requirements have effected them. These are their stories.

Name:  FB Designation:  LPN

Years of Education: 2  Years Worked as a HCP: 15

What lead you you to choose this career?

Destiny and opportunity led me to my career. I was in the right place at the right time. I was fortunate enough to be offered the LPN course in my small town. Having a career caring for people on both a physical and emotional level has been one of the most rewarding  choices I have made. I hope in my career I can help ease emotional and physical suffering.  Help to honor dignity for those who feel the loss of it in their suffering. To hold space for our dying and their loved ones. What makes me passionate about my career is knowing that I am needed and that I have worked hard at my skills to be a good nurse that I hope can make people feel the comfort and care I want them to have. Nursing is not for everyone and I feel if us nurses did not have the passion we would not do it. 

What does your profession teach about patient-professional relations?

What is important to me in my professional relations with my patient is their freedom of choice. What we are taught is the right to refuse, patient centered care, informed consent. This is <taught> in school and under the umbrella of AHS and instilled in us until now. However this ethic should not have to be instilled in us this is just common sense and good morals too

Are the ethical standards you provide to others, provided to you? 

At the moment they are not being provided to me by being forced to take an experimental jab. I am having my right to refuse obliterated.

Describe the impact of forced/coerced/bullied vaccinations has on you.

I have been suffering anxiety due to loss of control over my own body. Fear for my family. Fear of the loss of a career I love. I have felt hopeless some days to the point of wanting to run but I can't I am trapped as there is no where right now that is not suffering what I am. I wake thinking of covid talk all day about covid and fall asleep thinking of covid. My colleagues have been bullies mostly indirectly by horrible comments about patient choices or by giving cold shoulder. This past month my anxiety/panic attacks before work is not facing covid patients and hard work its dealing with other nurses, management and staff remarks and judgement.

Disclaimer: Edited for spelling, and punctuation, and grammar. Words inside <> are editorially added for clarity. Posted with approval of submitter, approval may be retracted at the discretion of the submitter.

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is reporting today that Dr. Deena Hinshaw is taking a vacation at a time that was supposed to be during a trial. JCCF is reporting that for a September 20th trial in which Dr. Hinshaw was supposed to testify at, she would be unavailable due to ongoing Covid work. JCCF is now reporting that Dr. Hinshaw is has taken a 3-day vacation, which includes one of the days that was scheduled for the ongoing litigation.

Read more at JCCF website -

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 13:51

Dr. Julie Ponesse - Ethics Professor

Dr. Julie Ponesse - Ethics Professor talks about the ethics of mandatory vaccination, and how it is effecting her employment at Western University

Tuesday, 28 September 2021 19:29


Tuesday, 28 September 2021 16:19



Here you will find a list of resources that will help to inform you of the ongoing situation. Information here is provided as is, with out endorsemnt about said contents, nor them endorsing this group. Information accuracy is greatly attempted but not everything can be verfied. Use at own risk


Legal Services

Online Videos

Zoom - Religious Exemptions Metting with Carmen Kissel-Verrier

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Welcome to the new ABHCP.CA website! 

This is a page dedicated for Alberta Health Care Professionals (Medical Staff, Allied Support - Cooking, IT, Housekeeping etc) who believe people have the right to free from being forced medical treatments, both for themselves and others.

The Calendar section is for Calendar of events. Protests, Workshops, Townhalls etc.

The Community section works almost like Facebook. Without the Facebook censorship. Feel free to create an account to join in. Due note, while we attempt to keep everyone information private, we can not guarantee people might create fake accounts. We will how ever only endeavor to only allow staff, and not management on this site.

The Support section works to create email support tickets if you have any problems, questions or concerns.

The Resource section is still under construction, but there will be links to union policies, and other information which may help. Will also include links to lawyers, and class actions groups and so forth when available.

Please REGISTER ACCOUNT to take in full use of this site.  - Could be slow in approving new accounts

Please read Disclaimer Below

"I'm pulling for you - We are all in this Together" - Red Green