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Sunday, 19 September 2021 18:23


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Welcome to the new ABHCP.CA website! 

This is a page dedicated for Alberta Health Care Professionals (Medical Staff, Allied Support - Cooking, IT, Housekeeping etc) who believe people have the right to free from being forced medical treatments, both for themselves and others.

The Calendar section is for Calendar of events. Protests, Workshops, Townhalls etc.

The Community section works almost like Facebook. Without the Facebook censorship. Feel free to create an account to join in. Due note, while we attempt to keep everyone information private, we can not guarantee people might create fake accounts. We will how ever only endeavor to only allow staff, and not management on this site.

The Support section works to create email support tickets if you have any problems, questions or concerns.

The Resource section is still under construction, but there will be links to union policies, and other information which may help. Will also include links to lawyers, and class actions groups and so forth when available.

Please REGISTER ACCOUNT to take in full use of this site.  - Could be slow in approving new accounts

Please read Disclaimer Below

"I'm pulling for you - We are all in this Together" - Red Green