Accountability (3)

This news category is all about things to hold people in positions of power accountable.

Recently it had been announced that a 14 year old had tragically died from covid-19. After the family had heard about this, they went public informing the Alberta public that they young family member actually had stage-4 brain cancer.

"I first want to apologize to the family of the 14-year-old whose death I spoke about on Tuesday..."

For further reading the following CBC - Website news article has more details on this developing story. 

Today the National Post is reporting today that leaked documents has reviled that Wuhan and US scientist where planning to design a entirely new covid virus. As reported the closest naturally occurring coronavirus is one from Laos, but with only a ~96% of a genetic match.  It is believed that a closest ancestor should have upwards of 99% or higher match.

For further reading head on over to  The National Posts - Article

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is reporting today that Dr. Deena Hinshaw is taking a vacation at a time that was supposed to be during a trial. JCCF is reporting that for a September 20th trial in which Dr. Hinshaw was supposed to testify at, she would be unavailable due to ongoing Covid work. JCCF is now reporting that Dr. Hinshaw is has taken a 3-day vacation, which includes one of the days that was scheduled for the ongoing litigation.

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